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Couple of weeks ago my 06 with 220k miles started leaking trans fluid. Problem was that the hose of one of the cooler lines was up against the aft edge of the radiator fan shroud and the hose eventually got a hole worn in it. So if any of you guys/gals are ever putting eyes on that part of the underside of the truck, check that area to make sure none of the trans cooler hoses are pressed against the aft edge of the fan shroud.

Being it was winter time here in Colorado, I had a hydraulic shop fab a replacement hose section with compression fittings as a replacement for the cut hose. Before I installed the hose, I dremeled back the aft edge of the fan shroud to keep it well away from the hoses. I'm thinking that I can call this a permanent fix. The hose crimps on the other two lines are dry. Or should I replace all three lines in the spring with OEM parts? I bought the truck with 155k miles so I have no idea if the trans lines had been replaced in the past.


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If it ain't leaking, I wouldn't disturb it. :howdy
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