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trans slip? or engine hiccup?

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I have an '04 LB7 with a Banks Six Gun Bundle(Ram Air, Monster Exhaust, BigHead wastegate acctuator, Six Gun Tuner w/ SpeedLoader) and before the intake and wastegate acctuator were installed the engine seemed to "hiccup" when i really got on it. I thought this was just the engine begging for more air from the stock and insufficent air filter and believed this would stop once the ram air intake was installed. After installing the intake the same thing happened. Is this my torque converter slipping or is there soemthing wrong with the motor?
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I never see any checkk engine lights but the tuner also seems to defuel whenever this happens? What is a lift pump?
okay so do you have any idea how much that would cost including install? or is it something a moderate mechanic could install himself?
Im running almost 26 pounds right now. Thanks for the help, Im ordering the kit from Kennedy on monday along with a new fuel filter.
with the kennedy disel lift pump do you think i would need to buy the wiring harness or should i just be able to install a simple switch located in the cab and turn it on once the engine is running?
but wont it keep running when i turn the truck off?
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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