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Transgo Jr. opinions

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I've come to the idea, after reading some threads on here that I'm going to go with the Transgo Jr. for my '04.5 since I unfortunately can't afford a fully built tranny. I just wanted to get one last opinion from some of yall on it? I'm going to be doing EFI Live for now and as of right now thats gonna be my only mod. Thanks
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The TransGo Jr will fit the 5 speed, but doesn't help much.

They do make the full TransGo, but it requires the removal and pulling the trans apart.

Most people just opt to do a upgrade, and install a clutch kit, and better converter, if they have to pull the trans. Then it will hold decent power.

If you install a tuner, and have a heavy foot, you will limp most transmissions, with Transgo kits.
You can get by with 90 extra HP, if you lift on the 4 to 5 shift, and the 5 to 4 shift. That is usually where it will limp.
Don't buy a valve body-- all they do is install a TransGo Jr. and charge you $700. Of course they will BS you into thinking it will hold 500 horsepower. Ha Ha
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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