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Transmission Limp Codes- Where is a good shop?

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I limped my transmission going about 60 down the road the other day. It gave me codes 0735 and 1093. The book said 0735 was gear 5 incorrect ratio, but i couldnt find anything about the other one. Anybody know what it means?

Also, i think it is about time to build my transmission so i can turn up my ppe. I am in nw mo. Does anybody know of any good shops around to build my transmission?

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I've heard some people talk about smokin diesel (south of kc iirc). But i wouldn't trust my alli there probably.. I'd take it to a tried and true.

With your location, you might want to check in to heading up to Husker. Their customer service is great, and they're a more reputable shop. Just my 0.02
^BOOM. Give them a call man, like i said they'll get you all set up :thumb
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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