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Transmission Problems!!! Please Help

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Please help guys,
Yesterday I was driving home and had some major issues. I had allready driven about 60 miles and was going through a town when I came to a stop light. Started to go and then transmission missed from first and went to 4th like a limp. I pulled over and it was leaking fluid all over from the front of the transmission. I have my edge on level 2 for fuel and I wasn't getting on it so im not sure what is going on.

I unhooked my edge and turned my key back and fourth 3 times but it just did it again right away.

Any input would be greatly appreciated

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check your fluid level
Did you have too much fluid or not enough?
The fluid level was in the area it was suppose to be in...after it leaked I added about half a quart
If the "Check engine " light came on, there will be a code-- you need to have the code to properly diagnose the problem. Some auto part stores will read the code for free!

If the shift display shows "Shift Range Inhibited", replace the NSBU switch! It is located on the left side of the trans and is connected to the shift linkage. (If it was wet and raining this is probably the problem)

None of these will affect the trans leak-- that is probably a different problem. :D
Yea I replaced the NBSU about 2 weeks ago when we had a bad snow storm it decided to quit working.

When I read the code it said something about high pressure and 2nd valve stuck. I will re-read it sometime when they are open.

Thanks Though
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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