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I took a long trip for an environmental job- 3 weeks. I left Troy sat. Nov 22. stopped and made it to Lagrange GA. I was down there and left on Dec. 12 at 7 am stopped in Newnan GA for the LTZ first oil change. Then pounded the remaining miles home. Some observations.

1. The seats are very comfortable in these trucks. Doing 770 miles in one day is tiring but my butt was in decent shape after the long trip. Dont let the Ford people tell our seats stink. They give GREAT support.

2. The MPG is affected by speed. I was cruising at 80 most the way and got 18 mpg on the highway hauling about 500 lbs of gear, clothes etc.

3. On the highway the regens are about every 800 miles.

4. I tried a tank of biodiesel along the way- did not notice any difference.

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