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Trouble in LBZ7

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I have changed out my FPRV wwas told to do it i had code of fuel pressure problem. I replaced my FPRV and now i am losing my prime and my p/u want go above 65 and stalls what might i need to do now did i install the fprv wrong or what.
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What issue led you to replace the FPRV?

What year is your truck and mods?
2001 the truck would lope while idling and go into limp mode looked on here and was advised most likey my fprv needs replaced, I had the truck on a computer siad i had a code cant remember the code but when the tech tried to increase pressure it would go above i think he said 8800 said that injector might be weak. ANy assistance would be helpful on this,
You sure it wasn't the FPR?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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