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Truck will not start

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Went out this morning and started the truck up and everything was normal except for the voltmeter read about 12 volts while the truck was running and the lights were dim. It does this every once in a while when the truck is cold. After a few seconds it usually jumps to 14 and the lights go bright. Well this morning the thing ran for about 15 seconds and died. I left it alone for a hour or two and came back h ome and tried starting it again. Still nothing. I am going to go prime the fuel system when i get home and see if it may be a pump, but anyone have any other ideas?? Its an 01 2500HD LT duramax/allison. Only has 60K on it, this isnt something i would expect to be going on with a diesel this early in its life. :mad:

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temp freezing or below? could be water in the fuel. could be 1 or more failed injectors. could be the lift pump. being an 01, i'd think maybe injectors unless they've already been updated.
I live in Florida lol, no it was a record low of like 45 last night but that shouldnt cause an issue. Injectors are still the original ones. I am gonna try priming it then starting this afternoon then mess witht he pump a little bit but other than that I have no idea!
florida. yeah that clears one idea off the board. i'm an ex sarasota/bradenton kid myself. folks are still in sarasota. i'm guessing it's gonna be the injectors since they're original. i hope that's not the case though. hopefully someone else will have some ideas.... cheaper ideas.:D might want to call a dealer as they'll most likely be covered under the extended d-max warranty.:rockin
Well just got off the phone with the dealer I bought it from and they said the injectors wont cause it to not start, it will just run crappy they said. Then they proceeded with the whole "you gotta bring it in" thing and I was like yea I will check some other things first then if i cant figure it out i will tow it all the way down there.
well they can cause it and often do. they let fuel drain back into the tank. which can let air get in the system. if you prime it, and it starts, i'd head for the stealership. pull your oil stick and see if there's fuel in the crank case. one good way to tell if they're leaking too. just my $.02. i incorrectly posted above that it may be the lift pump. not sure where my head it but these don't have one.
lying bastages. Oh well , I will check those things you said and see what the deal is. I thought that it did have a lift pump?? Crazy, so that means the only pump is the one in the tank?
i don't think they do. i just started my duramax classes at the dealership and i keep getting some parts confused with my cummins. don't ask why or how i could do that cause i don't know either. lol! i'm almost positive they don't. if they do, it should be on a frame rail. but i do know the injectors will cause what you are describing. that much i do know.
lying bastages. Oh well , I will check those things you said and see what the deal is. I thought that it did have a lift pump?? Crazy, so that means the only pump is the one in the tank?
There is no pump in the tank. It is pulled by the injection pump....that is why most people install lift pumps. Your fuel system is under a vaccuum while running.
thanks for some clarity ob1!! i'm shoving as much info into my skull as i can lately to get up to date on these things and seem to get turned around easy lately. didn't want to steer someone in the wrong direction.
Well got home and primed it and it started up after cranking a little longer than usual. I am glad that its running and what not, but what could have caused this??
let it sit over night. see if it does it again. that's what one we had did and it turned out being injectors. they let fuel run back into the tank instead of holding it in. this lets air in the system. that's why you could prime it and get it to run.
How old is the fuel filter?
well, started it up this morning and it ran fine, who knows what the problem was. What you all are saying about the injectors sounds the most suspect. I looked the fuel lines and fittings over and they are all tight. Who knows but if it happens again i am gonna go to the dealership and get my injectors looked at.
Might want to check the glow plug control module. Mine went out a couple of monthes ago. Would kill both batteries in 5 minutes. Tech said it was a freak thing that never happens. But he also said that about the transfer case control module as well. Best of luck!!!!!
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