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Trying to decide on lift and rims?

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Hey all how you guys doing? I am trying to decide what to do with my truck. I am thinking about going with a 4 inch lift with 35s or leveled with 33s. I am still unsure on rims but I think they will be 20s either some BMFs or the Xd Monsters or the Xd hoss. Any input is greatly welcomed. Cheers!:drink

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If you shove 35's under a 4" you'll be rubbing like crazy
Love my monsters but the hoss are nice too
yeah I would do a 6" if your planning on 35"s even then you might have to trim plastic
Cognito is a good kit and ive heard good things about RCD
Love my 7" cognito but I need to make a skidplate or find something that'll work
Do you guys think that the 6 inch lift is worth it over the 4inch lift? What kind of rims do you think would look good? I am thinking either chrome or black for sure just a tough decision.
black rims but it all you choice and yes a 6 or 7 inch is worth going with over a 4
With the chrome you have on your truck now chrome rims would look good, id say with the XD hoss's if you go chrome and XD monsters if you go with black wheels
What 4 inch lift are you looking at? I have been kicking around the same ideas.
I have been looking into the copter package that norcal has to offer. I have not really looked into it to much yet but I want the best ride I can get. Smooth all around and the ability to tow and off road. I was looking into the black hoss's thought they might look good. The bmf wheels sure are sharp though.
How mutch is the 4in lift your looking at? They seem pretty rare?

I had a 6in fabtech on my last gasser and I was very happy with it! They make great lifts and the price it good as well. Hmm Out of the rims your looking at I like the Hoss's :rockin

I have a 6" with 20's, and I really wish I had went with a 8" lift.

and black rims rock.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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