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tuned ecm and dsp5 switch

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it was at my door this afternoon when i got home. Glad i am off tomorrow so i can put it in.
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Congrats!!! I cant wait for my V2 and DSP5!
Cool who tuned it?
i got it from nick at duramaxtuner and got a key switch for the switch
Congrats man! :drink

Keep us updated
thanks everyone i installed it tonight and went through the existing hole behind the parking brake. Test drove it tonight and i can tell you what this B%*#H is bad. Nick at Duramax Tuner has put a smile on my face. One of my tunes was an aggressive tune and i have already turned the truck sideways. The daily driver tune is pretty darn sweet compared to normal tune. I have never had any other tuner before but this tuned ECM from Duramaxtuner is awesome in my opinion and i have only had it on for an hour or so.
Congrats man!!!! :drink
installed switch

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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