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When it comes to tuning, there are all kinds of discussions, and questions being asked about this subject. Some of our favorites are who’s the best, will it void my warranty, can I tune my truck without deleting, how much power can I put to the wheel, is it safe, what kind of MPG will I gain.

While there are many others we are going to try to generalize a lot of questions and hopefully provide some insight to tuning.

Who’s the best PPEI, MotorOps, DuramaxTuner, Calibrated, RidgeRunner or others? Asking that question drives more questions. Best at what? MPG/HP increases, drivability... What makes one the best? Given it can be a number of factors for anyone, it’s honestly hard to claim X is the best. When you start comparing apples to apples, every tuner is doing something similar but with their own little tweaks to get a result. What is that result? More HP and Torque to the rear wheels. Mix in the limitation of stock components and then every tuner falls into about the same gains for each make and year model.

What I have personally found with testing different tuners is that they (the tuner) all have a preferred power curve. Some utilize the power of the truck smoothly across the entire rpm range. Others prefer to bring the power on strong in the beginning or end of the curve and taper it on the other end. For this reason alone you will find a vast difference in opinion on who a person prefers to use as their tuner. We suggest testing different tuners to find your preference.
As always we are here to help with any questions you may have. Check out our tuning options available in our store for options and pricing.
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