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Turbo Sensor

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Has anybody ever had problems with the turbo sensor go out on there LB7? I believe i have one that is out now, wondering how hard it is to replace myself...or where it is even at
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Haven't heard of that problem, but it should be covered under the emissions warrenty. Check out your warrenty book. You might want to check out
:mad: :) :confused: Hey...just update on the turbo sensor issue i was having, if any of you ever incounter that type of problem the sensor is very easy to check before you take it in to get diagnosed and spend the 60 bucks, check it yourself first. You can get the code read at most jiffy lubes and things, they will see what code its reading and let you know...all you have to do is have your oil changed! Anyways, the sensor sits under the black cover that says 6.6 turbo diesel...there is 1 5mm bolt holding it in place and it just has a little rubber gromett that sits on the intake to the turbo housing....the sensor unplugs and you put the new one on!! The dealer ship here was going to charge me 60 bucks to do took me a total of 10 minutes to change don't spend all that money for something so stupid!! ( I am writing this in disgust cause the dealers way over charge there stuff!!!!) And if you have any questions when you change it let me know.... (Mine was melted....guess all the duramax power blew it out!
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