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twins from inside the cab

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couple sound videos i took while driving the truck right after the twin install still running on stock tuning :rof

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Jesus that sounds good. Whats stopping you from putting Robs tune in it?
read my sig :cool:
What am I looking for?
nice videos!! The unfortunate thing about twins is that cameras cant capture even half of the sound they make in real life. People really dont realize how loud they are until they actually go for a ride in the truck. :D

now you need to get a video in a tunnel!!

YouTube - dmax twin turbo in a tunnel

sweet vids man !!!
that sounds amazing...I only watched the first vid cause it took forever with my new net to load...

when you hit 30-35 psi did you even raise in rpm?
what do you mean? i wasnt really on it, maybe half throttle. i was just showing how fast it builds boost.
:rockin that is awesome
thanks :drink
nice that builds boost very nice.better put twins on the list
yeah its almost instant. btw, you got any pics of your truck? i have a solid axle kit for the front and i think im going to end up with around a 6" lift and i see you have that on your dually. im interested to see what it looks like :cool:
does the truck run funny with the stock tune?
thought i was on a flight to cali watchin that vid. sounds real good
it ran ok but it wont build as much boost compared to haveing it tuned. it almost seemed stock with the stock tune lol
thats awesome man! Sounds wicked
ill have to get another video here soon with the efi and dsp5 on. it sounds alot different :rockin
sorry to Hijack but what wheel and tire combo are you runnin I might steal it from you :D
stock wheels painted flat black with 2" spacers in the rear, tires are dakota m/t's in 265/75/16 from pep boys. they are made my cooper and are around $113 a piece for 10 ply, 40k mile rating:drink
HAHA Alright! even better I dont have to buy A new set of wheels
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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