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Two issues

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I bought an 04 Dura a few months back and am having a couple issues
1. The steering has begun to clunk and bind up.
2. When it's cold out the motor knocks really loud under acceleration even after the temp is within normal op. range.

Is this common ? I bought an extended warranty for this truck but hoped i wouldn't need it.I'm only familiar with moans and groans of the 18 wheelers i drive everyday. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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1. You need your steeering shaft lubes
2. mine does it but im running the power pup.

Welcome to the site.
Thanks for the quick response Dave i'll get that done ASAP.Cheers!

Could you elaborate on the steering shaft needing lubed............

maybe a "how-to" vs taking it by the Chevy dealer service dept.

That would help a not so mechanic like myself..............:rof
I have an 04, and it could probably use it, too(my reason for asking).

i took mine to the dealership for them to do it. My dealership is pretty cool about extra hp and stuff they didnt charge me a dime for it but it only took like 10seconds to do, but they have a little needle looking deal for their grease gun and its a pain to do yourself thats my 2cents.
Sorry, mine's been fine no problems. good luck!!
Does this steering shaft issue apply to early lb7 like my 2002?
Does this steering shaft issue apply to early lb7 like my 2002?

I have an 2002 and I have had it back several times for a knocking in the steering cloumn and the dealer has replaced the bushing and lubed it under warranty.
I've got an 04. 80,000 mi. I'm on my second steering box. Over 36,000 miles so I had to pay for a new one. The new one just started leaking. More then 12,000 miles so they won't warrentee it. What's up? Poor design?
i had a 2004.5 and the sound is coming from the intermediate shaft on the steering colum. mine made the same clunking noise. the dealer ship where i live does not mind the hp upgrades either. they had to replace the inter. shaft 7 times and greased them all about two times each. i have a 2007 now and it seems that they have fixed the prolbem now. so good luck.
On another site, someone has said that GM has revised the shaft diameter and that resolves the issue.
Does anyone know if GM will replace the old shaft with the revised design ?
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