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I read the following:
Another new feature of the DURAMAX 6600’s turbo system is the capability of the variable-geometry turbocharger to provide exhaust braking. This function is available on some medium-duty truck models and can replace add-on exhaust brake hardware. With the new system, braking is controlled by a signal from the engine controller and can be activated by the driver.

How do you tell if you have this option to activate it? Where would you activate it if you had this option?
I have a 07 LBZ.

I also read this:
The DURAMAX 6600 also has a new intake air heater to reduce smoke and emissions during cold or light-load driving. The system features a 1000-watt grid heater located in the air intake duct, which is triggered automatically by the engine controller. It heats up the incoming air to speed warm-up of the engine.
I though the DM had glow plugs. Does it have both?

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The engine braking (actually grade braking)is happens by itself....mostly from the tranny if you have an is more pronounced in T/H. that function is probably just on the medium duty trucks. I haven't read the new owner's manual since I have a 2004 LB7. Might want to start there.

Yes, the engine has both glow plugs and an intake heater. Your glow plugs probably come on and off so fast that you probably don't even see the light....or you would have to be looking for it.
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