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Unlock1 fuse

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2008 3500hd crew The circut for unlock1 has a parasitic draw of about .220 amps. When I pull the fuse it goes to .002. Anyone have any idea what would cause the draw?
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See the attachment. Something is probably keeping it active. This is the only page in the 2008 manual that refers to unock1.

What lead you to this device?


I hooked up an amp meter in series and started removing fuses one by one. When I pulled this one I got the meter to drop to .002. There is quite a few fuses. Thought it was going to be the radio or cluster. They seem to be the common problem.

Thanks for the drawing. This will help me out. I was hoping someone else had this issue.
Won't let me view it. Says there's a server error?
Website seems to have a problem so I'll post again


Thanks Ron. Got it that time. It seems intermittent. Just checked again and it was okay. I wish it would stay broke. Much easier that way.
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