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<Urgent>Alignment Issue

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I am having tire wear on the front passenger side tire. I had an alignment done last month and was told it was REAL CLOSE and not a problem. 1000 mlies later I am wearing on the tire. I am having another shop look at it today, but they told me before seeing the truck that they are well known for idler arm and pitman arm wear.:liar Is this true?? If so what is a good source for parts? BWT the truck has 79K miles on it!!

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Yes, they are know for idler/pitman arm wear. I had mine changed at about 27000 miles. I just had the OEM ones put back on and then I ordered the cognito support kit from
My '02, 4WD dually,( 113,xxx miles) had the same problem this past summer. I had it aligned prior to leaving for Alaska last May. About 4,000 miles later, while towing our 15,500# 5er, I noticed the RF tire wearing on the outside. The Chevrolet dealer in Whitehorse, YT re-aligned the front and it did fine for another 10,000 miles. After we returned home I took it to the original folks who aligned the front. I was told, and shown, that the idler arm and drag-link were worn enough to be replaced. They replaced in Sept. Now the steering is tight, responsive, and tire wear is even across the tread width (with 80psi in tires, same as all summer).
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