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USB cables in glove box

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Sup guys and gals I've had my 2010 2500 for about a year and have some questions about cables coming into the glove box from under the dash. Any idea with out having to pull the dash apart? I'm on a 7-8 inch lift on 35s and I get about 13 mpg and am convinced that its for a programmer and what not. Any advice helps.
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If its usb, its for the audio from your phone into your head unit. Look up the model number of your Kenwood, it will tell you if it has a backup camera input. Most aftermarket radios with backup camera capabilities, the input is almost always an rca jack on the back of the head unit.

to add to why there's probably 2 cables, one will be just just for audio playback, the other will also play audio but will add capability for updates/programming of the head unit.
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