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Yeppers! And they do it every time.

I have a lengthwise scar on my back from getting rolled over in a creek bed having about six inches of water over river rock. I couldn't get off the horse in time. Of course, it was RC. He's such an animated and awesome horse. The pain of getting rolled over was stifled by the thought I was going to drown in half a foot of water. That would've looked damn funny in an obituary :rofl
RC stands up, shakes it off (water) then turns his long neck and head towards me on the ground as to ask "why are you sitting down there?

Here's a couple photos of RC from 2 weeks ago. This guy cracks me up!

Those are some awesome pics! I've never had a horse that really loved water, only some that I could make swim against their better judgement. :) Sorry I haven't been on lately. It's been crazy around here. I'm getting ready to change the power steering pump today. So I thought I'd look at the forums for look at threads. I have a pulley puller, remanu pump and both hoses, but before I start wrenching, I want to check one more time that I have everything. There's no corner auto parts store in Elk.
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