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So I recently got a Viper 4105v remote start off ebay for $50. Newer vehicles require a bypass module. I went with the FlashLogic FLDL1 programed for the GM1 firmware. I got that off ebay for $40. So the total cost is only $90 versus the dealer/geeksquad price $360+
I created a library inside of Eaglesoft and made a easy to read schematic for the connections. I could upload pictures of the actual setup, however this is much easier to read anyway.
This is my first guide on this forum, so if there are errors please let me know or if I can help out anymore just let me know. Feedback is wanted.

In this the viper 4105v module will be declared as viper or RS. The FlashLogic FLDL1 will be declared FLD or FLDL1.

Schematic Download

General Wiring
I'm only going to cover the the connections that require tapping into the truck's system.

The easiest place for the ground connection(s) is to use the OBDII port's GND connection. The best option would be to use a self-tapping screw and make your own ground connection. For the OBDII method use either pin 4/5 for the connection.

Wiring the RS
Six Pin Harness
To start out the six pin harness needs to be SOLDERED to the ignition harness in the steering column. You could use the alternative locations but I'm not going to cover them here.

The tachometer can be very annoying if done incorrectly. The best way I found to do this was to remove the dash and unplug the connector. Tap the tachometer wire into the white wire on A5 of the plug. See figure below for locating A5.

Brake Shutdown Input
This one is pretty simple. Locate the brake pedal, and above it there is a white connector. You want to use the White wire. Solder it in and that's set.
*I can't recall if it was pin A or F because I just used the white wire that was towards the rear of the truck when installed. Pretty sure it's A.

Hood Pin
Basically just drill a hole in the engine compartment and mount the switch there. It needs to break the contact when the hood is closed. There is only one wire (ground signal if open) that goes to the RS. I mounted mine right on the plastic part to the right of the driver-side hinge.

Wiring the FLDL1
The easiest way to accomplish this is to go behind the OBDII port on the truck and tap into the Data Wire. Use Pin2 from the figure below.

12V Power
Again go behind the OBDII port on the truck and tap into the 12V Wire. Use Pin16 from the figure below.

I will be signifying short Valet presses with (-) and hold with (#). R# will mean to release.

FLD Settings
I could write a paragraph about this or just post a picture. You need to select the STANDARD HARDWIRE MODE by pressing the button twice.

RS Settings

1. Turn key to the ON position
2. Within 5 seconds, press and release Valet button one time.
3. Within 5 seconds, press and hold the Valet button. The LED will flash one time and the horn honks to confirm
entry into remote programming.
4. Press the LOCK button on the remote control.
5. The horn honks to confirm the remote has been programmed.
6. Release the Valet button, and turn the key to the Off position.
7. The horn sounds one long honk to confirm that remote programming has been exited.

Your remote is now setup for the system. Now we need to configure the menus.

1. Turn the ignition on, then off.
2. Select the Second Menu. Press and hold the Valet button. Wait till the LED on the RS flashes two times. This means menu two.
3. release the Valet button.
4. Set the Engine Checking to voltage by pressing
- will indicate pressing the valet button
# will indicate holding the valet button
R# will indicate releasing the valet button

5. Repeat Step 1 up to 4 and continue with 6.
6. Set the Cranking Time to 1.0 Sec by pressing
7. Repeat Step 1 up to 4 and continue with 8.
8. Set the Diesel Start Delay to Timed 15 Sec by pressing
- - - - - - - - - - # LOCK UNLOCK R#
Start the truck now and within 5 seconds from crank, I recommend starting it without glow-plug cycle (like a gas engine), press and hold the Valet button when truck idles. The LED should go Solid. Turn off truck and test the RS system out!
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