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I have a 2004 1/2 LLY Duramax Crew Cab and have been to the dealer
4 times for a knock in the steering wheel.
2 times they put in a lube kit,helped for about 7000 miles
1 time replaced the intermed. shaft helped for about 17000 miles
This time the truck has 46600 miles and the same problem is here again.
this time they replaced the whole steering colum.
Know that finally fixed it,but I had to pay for labor they payed $844
for the part.
The biggest problem is they are voiding my engine & tranny warr. because
I have a K&N cold air kit,Banks cat back exhaust,and a Edge juice w/attitude
That really pissed me off.
anyone have this happen to you.
They said any mod's to any thing attached to the motor voides warr.
ps; anny help.:help :confused:

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Your best bet would have been to take it off the truck before having it in for service. All you can do is talk to another dealer and see if they will run your VIN and see what warranty you have left. This would only show if your VIN was blacklisted. Another way you might be able to check on your warranty is to log onto and check when warranties expire. Technically they can't void the warranty just for installing aftermarket parts...specifically the air filter. Now, if you have an intake on, that could be different, but it is up to the dealer. My dealer doesn't care about programmers (bought my truck from them with the TST on it) and any upgrades I do to my truck as long as I don't try to do a warranty claim on something I caused. That being said, I still remove my AFE intake off my truck before taking it into them for work...even if they are working on something other than the engine. It only takes me about 20 mins to swap them out since I kept the stock intake. The best bet is always out of sight, out of mind unless you talked to your service advisor first. You could try and fight it, but GM has way more money than you and you will probably lose. GM is tired of paying for fixes that programmers are causing. Other than that, I don't know what else to tell you.

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i agree with ob_1jr,i would have been a good idea to take the toys off before you tale it to the dealer,i personaly don't have any trouble from the dealers but they also buy their tires off of me so it wouldn't be the best idea to piss the tire guy off,i imagain they wouldn't get a very good deal that way..good luck and sorry for the trouble.
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