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this company came pout and put a new windshield in my mustang last week. everything went good and the guy that did it was a good guy. well in order to take out the windshield, you must remove the sail thingy above the wondow. well he put it all back together.

so im cruising around the other day doing about 65-70 and i hear something look over and pooof the sail thing flies off. its gone, i went and looked for it and nothing.

i call them to tell them about it and have them pay for it. the tell me that the guy told me all about it, which i dont remember :dunno and they tell me its not there fault. im like how the hell has it stayed on no problem for 7 years and suddenly flies away 3 days after your guy pulled it off and pout it back on. the guy just didnt replace the bolts and now im out of money. its my word vs his and they dont believe me of course. so now im screwed and have to pay.

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