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Wastegate actuators

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...will fitting a adjustable actuator afford me more safe boost?

What I mean is, yes you can squeeze more boost out, but, wil a few PSI be a drawback to daily driving?

Have any of you gone this route?
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You can usually push a lb7 to around 30/32 psi of boost and be safe, anymore than that and your playing with fire!!

Even with a different actuator i doubt you u will see much higher with out adding some fuel to help spin things. As for daily driving you shoud not notice any difference as the actuator will only allow more total boost #'s not more boost across the board!
The boost will come up alot faster with the aftermarket wastegate, as well as higher peak. But as Caleb said, not noticeable with everyday driving
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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