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i have an 03 duramax with the california emissions. i had the egr blockoff done with a stock efi live tune. after this was put on im getting a loud whistling noise coming from the engine compartment. it only does it when im going up a hill or i get on it real hard. i was told that my wastegate was shit so my buddy tied it closed i believe. i was thinking that if its shut closed that when my boost peaks theres nowhere for it to go so its just trying to escape and makes that squeeling noise. do u have any insight on my problem
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another thing to check would be your intercooler boots, i had a similiar noise with my truck for the longest time and gave up on trying to find it cuse its hard to duplicate in the shop. after about 4 months i noticed it getting louder, then the other day i was towing a heavy load and working the truck hard up a hill and i heard a loud pop! lost power and black smoke like you wouldnt believe pulled over and could hear a whistleing noise in the rf wheel well and looked under the truck to find my lower intercooler boot had ruptured. limped it home, and took it apart. had evidence of a small hole rubbed in it from a hose. fixed it with a new boot and no more whooshing noise. all good now!
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