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i have an 03 duramax with the california emissions. i had the egr blockoff done with a stock efi live tune. after this was put on im getting a loud whistling noise coming from the engine compartment. it only does it when im going up a hill or i get on it real hard. i was told that my wastegate was shit so my buddy tied it closed i believe. i was thinking that if its shut closed that when my boost peaks theres nowhere for it to go so its just trying to escape and makes that squeeling noise. do u have any insight on my problem
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do not "tie off", or "unplug" your waste gate unless you are trying to destroy your turbo. since it started right after the blocker plate, id check that and make sure it is sealed properly
do what i told you to do...
ok i never thought about that...i know there was a seal with the blockoff plate, maybe it is leaking there
yup. im willing to bet thats exactly where your noise is coming from
you said you are running a stock tune with the egr disabled right? i would say to clean the maf, because a dirty maf sensor can cause alot of problems. but the fact that everything is fine without the tune makes me think that nothing is wrong with the maf. Who did the efi tune? i would check with them and see if they can double check the tune and make sure everything is right in it. Try cleaning your MAF anyway.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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