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water in oil help....

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My dad has a 2005 dmax with a lil over 300k on it. He was coming home last night and noticed a lil drop in the oil pressure so he got home checked the oil and its super milky. We changed the oil and filled up the coolant. as soon as i fired up the truck it sucks the coolant as fast as i can put it in. I shut the truck off and the oil is filled with coolant again. From what I have read on this site is that dmaxs will not put water into the oil from a head gasket. Is this true? If so what else could be the issue with coolant getting into the oil?? Thanks in advance..
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There are no signs of it being the head gaskets. The upper hose stays pretty soft when running and about a min after I shut it off its really soft. Is there a way to check the water pump seal without teariing into it? Thanks for the help
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