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I have looked into this as well. The banks kit seems to be pretty sweet along with snow performance. There seems to be some upside to it, but there is also downsides that can cause catastrophic failure. Reading the horror stories of hydrolocked engines due to malfunctions within the system can steer one away real quick. If i was looking to get the most out of my set up for power or towed a lot i would look into it more, but for what i use the truck for (daily driving/ street play) i couldn't justify it.
If the pump is run off accessory power, and the tank is below the nozzle, it should be fairly failure resistant. Double up on solenoid valves for good measure. I agree though, a hydrolocked engine is big money to fix, im not convinced that meth makes enough of a difference, excluding maybe frequent heavy towing, to justify the risk.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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