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Water pump???

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Soo my pump is leakin has anyone replaced it themselves
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are you over your 5yrs/100,000?

There is a DIY for it though....
By 50000 miles
dang....i have read that the hardest part is getting the balancer bolt out....the rest is pretty straight forward. My pumps have always been covered under warranty...had 3 of them changed so far.
They're a bitch to install.

I paid $700 (employee price) installed at the Chevy dealer, comes with a lifetime warranty which includes labor.
yeah big time pain
I didn't think it was so bad to get balancer off, but I had a 4 foot breaker bar and the tool that locks the flywheel and keeps the motor from turning, you definitely need it if you're gonna try to change it yourself, you can get it off the mac tools website, just search for duramax flywheel holder, it's about 50 bucks.
Lisle 22100 Flywheel Locking Tool for 6.6L Duramax My local parts store had it in stock for 32.xx. Pretty easy if you have access to a fan clutch tool. I did not.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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