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Hey guys,

So this will be my first winter with my truck, and I plan to do some snowboarding. My question is what do you all do for all the gear (like bags with clothes, goggles, boots, gloves etc. in it) when you have a truck full of friends?

In the past I had my Jeep Grand Cherokee so we could easily fit 4 guys with all our gear in the cargo area and the boards on the roof racks. We also use my Dad's Navigator for the same configuration.

But what about the truck? It kinda sucks that our ski's & boards will be sliding around and won't be lockable in the bed (unlike having ski racks), but I can get over that fact. I'm more concerned with where to put a bunch of gear bags that will keep them waterproof without buying a tool box or bed cover.

One Idea I had was just getting a heavy duty plastic bin and bungee it to the hooks to keep it in place ( , but again I'm curious what others have come up with?

I've also found these:
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