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Hello all, My name is Frank and I am a Hot Rod builder in Orlando Florida. We build a lot of high end Pro touring muscle cars like late 60's thru mid 80's Camaro's, Chevelle's, GTO's, Monte Carlos, etc. These Pro Touring cars are built to perform in all areas of handling, brute power, braking, ride, creature comforts, etc. We build them to be driven, and driven hard. We upgrade them with big 13" / 14" brakes, 10" to 14" wide 18" to 20" rubber on all four corners, Independent suspensions, 500HP to 1000HP with turbos, blowers, nitrous, all aluminum engines,. All the creature comforts like killer sound systems, power everything, all the niceties taken for granted in new cars.

We have a 06 LLY Duramax Crew Cab short Box we use for my daily driver and tow rig. I LOVE my truck. it is the best new vehicle I ever bought. I hate the fact I am killing it with miles traveling to deliver cars, pick up cars, shows, etc. But that is what I bought it for and so far at 55K miles in just over a year, it has not bitched at all.

Right now it is stock with 20" wheels and a SuperChips tuner. I will be fishing around looking for performance and fuel mileage improvement items like intake and exhaust. My initial feelings just bouncing around the forum a bit is that there is a wealth of knowledge here.

So thanks in advance from "the new guy".
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