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went to the GMC dealer today

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so i go to the local gmc dealer today to drive an LMM and they didnt have one :( so i ask to drive a 07 lbz and still notta so i ask if they got any used duramaxes and still notta so i ask if they have a PSD to drive and they had one the only diesel on the 04 f250 4rd shrt box 4x4 so i took that for a spin and loved the shit out of it...the guy said that when they first got it in it only had 36k on it but now it has 40k because whenever they have to get a car from a different dealer ship so it had tie downs and all that stuff in the r some pics
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Looks like a good deal on the Ford! But come on man. You need to give a little more effort into thr Duramax. Have you ever drove one? A customer of mine has a 2005 Ford f-350 PSD ext cab LB. I drove that thing and you can even compare it to my Duramax.

Before signing the papers I would atleast take one for a spin! :rockin :gearjamin

if all they had left was a ford i would take that as a sign.j/k.the 05 and newer 6.0L PSD are alot better then the 03 and 04 6.0L PSD....give the duramax a fair chance i think you'll find it a great truck..
You need to go to another dealer who has a LMM. I ordered a new 2007 and it was sweet, and there's no way I'd do a Dorf. Used Dmaxes are hard to find for good reasons. Used Dorf diesels are plenty!
yah my friend has a 05 psd and it i drove it and i thought that it was not even close to how nice mine drives
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