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western Washington truck pulling

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Hey guys I became a member and then kind of for got about these, the emails had been going too junk mail.
This could make for some fun for the whole family.... I don't see them posted anywhere else here either.
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I kinda want to get on a dyno this summer.....
56 are you heading up to Sequim for the pulls this weekend? Should be a good time and a good number of trucks are coming over.
Maybe as a spectator, I would love to drag the sled but money is pretty tight right now...
I may give it a hook if time allows between running around lining up everyone else and keeping the track level. Stop by and say hi if you make it. Black Chevy LBZ. Matt

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I may give it a hook if time allows between running around lining up everyone else and keeping the track level. Stop by and say hi if you make it. Black Chevy LBZ. Matt

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No way I may just have to try a little harder to find out he funds.
Where are they doing them? I don't have much going on this weekend and need something to do.
I may check out the Sequim event this weekend. Not much else going on, where's it being held at again?. I see a few modded duramax trucks around town but never get a chance to chat with any of the owners.

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Sled pull sounds like fun
I posted a link too the NWTPA website it has all the info about this and upcoming events.
Also has rules and regulations. Coal Roller I think you would have to run with the big boys do to your turbo. Check rules carfuly to be sure you are legal do it now so you have time to make necessary modifications to meet regulations if you are wanting to compete. If you don't meet regs. and would just like to pull a sled keep your eye on the upcoming events sometimes they will have an exhibition only class.
This pull is mainly for fun! Feel free to come on out and give it a try. Pull with whatever set up you have, we will find a place for ya. Taking place at the Logging Show grounds on the east end of town.
I stopped in, was a good time. The white duramax with SDP stickers did well. Then again I have a soft spot for that body style.

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I second that, good pull and great looking truck to boot. And nice guy, but aren't all Duramax owners nice?
Didn't get a chance to chat with him. I checked out the truck later on that day. Still can't get over how the FASS pump hangs below the frame, I modified mine so it's tucked away.

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I did the same. Don't want to show all your cards right away. Ha ha
I wish I could have made it just got way too much going on and I am not working so money is really tight...

I don't understand why everyone has to modify their FASS mounting so it doesn't hang down, I didn't my truck is on 37" s with a 6" lift and you still can't see it. There is a lot of adjustment in that mount. If you slide the top bracket out far enough the lower jacket with the pump on it will slide all the way up so the pump is tight too the floor of the box.
I used the next bolt aft to mount mine, gave me more room to push it up. This means the bracket was sticking out into the wheel well and my pump was clearly visible. I measured and chop sawed and excess bracket, then added rear wheel well liners and the pump is no longer visible from the bed or the wheel well.

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With the Titan tank I built a bracket and mounted it sideways in front of the tank. Worked good, really hidden. I'd like to see those rear wheel liners, sounds interesting.
I'll snap a few photos tomorrow morning of the liners and pump. When I head down to Los Angeles next month I'm having an aero tank installed. No better opportunity

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