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What do you really want?

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If you could have 5 things what would it be? Be realistic.

Concrete floor in my garage
complete bathroom remodel
efi live
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PPE Dual Fuelers
Spare transmission
Big turbo(Maybe 2)
Small Addition to the house
Drive way blocktoped!
Suncoast Tranny
A5K Turbo
Dual CP3's
Head Studs
8FT. Bed

Big Charger
Dual CP3's
Beefed Internals
Wheels and Tires
Big Garage with a heated floor
Longer pulling season
Shorter hitch
Longer front weight bracket
Shorter distances to good pulls
Longer....... Oh well, 4 out of 5 are possible:cool :cool
Oh, and a chick with big boobs! :D
Well since I'm new here and like the feedback I get from all of you......

I would like to see you guys
and be in the pits to see what you all run so could make a wish list for the next time you ask what 5 things I want.
A programmer that works
one million wishes.
Is that realistic enough?
Is money whats holding you all back? it is in my situation. :mad:
Is money whats holding you all back? it is in my situation. :mad:
Yep! Its getting close to winter as well, work gets really slow
EFI Live
Lift Pump(s) and bulk head
traction bars built
weight rack built
pulling hitch built

Money is absolutely the inhibitor for me.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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