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I don't own a duramax (yet) I do have a 2006 F350 crew cab and a 1999 Dodge 2500 extended cab. I am looking to trade my F350 in on either another cummins or a duramax. Both are cheaper to build and I really did not do my research when I bought my ford. I know about cummins and some on powerstrokes but nothing about duramax's.

Any suggestion on which years are better to go with?

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Hey James!

Im sure not a Dmax expert, but I have owned one for about 3 weeks now :rof
Comin from a good run with 2) 7.3 PSDs (over 200K each) I did my home work
and drove them all.

Ford droped the ball once again right outa tha gate. I hope they can turn things around. I liked the product. They should really look at another diesel
engine supplier.

Drove the new Dodge 6.7 and I think it,ll be as good as the 5.9. Only problem is that that really good engine(and Trans) has a really poor truck wraped around it. CC long bed 3/4 ton I drove rode worse than my 03 F350 Dulley.

Drove a 07 Classic (thats Chevys new titled old body style unit) and really
liked it. Drove and performed extremely well.
Didnt care for the "new" body style 07 and didnt want the new emmissions engine which is the LMM.

07 Classic has the 3rd gen 6.6 called the LBZ. From driving it and what Ive read on this forum it seems to be a very good engine. Only time well tell, but so far Im very pleased.

With the rebates on the "Classics" that the dealers have on their lots, Its gota be the best deal going.

Hope this helps!

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Welcome to the Duramax Forum. Right now the 01-04 LB7 Duramax trucks have the most products available for them and are currently the most powerful and fastest of the Duramax family. The 04.5-05 LLY motors are knocking on their big brohers door as more goodies become available for them. The 06&07 trucks with the LBZ engine are showing their potential in the game also as it is felt that they have stronger internals from the factory. The new LMM motors will more than likely be a nightmare to figure out getting around all the emmissions equipment to make more power, but time will tell............
If i had to buy another dmax id be looking for an early 04. The lb7 with my body style. BY now all the injector crap with the lb7s should be fixed
I'm partial to the 01 & 02 front ends :D
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