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When to say whoa?

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Ok, now I am fabbing a look-alike Cat for my '05 GMC, and I want to use my Pred to change a few things. What wisdom is out there on how far I can raise my RPM limit, My buddy has a LBZ and his redline is way more generous than mine! Should I just leave well enough alone? At the same time, I would like to be able to cruise @ 200 KPH down the autobahn, how high does one set the top speed? Are there any of you who have had some success with this?
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i don't much about this type of thing,but on a diesel i wouldn't run it above 4krpm's....the reson the lbz shows a longer rpm range is with the towhaul mode on it will hit 3800 to 4200rpm's at times,and if you noticed on the lly it has a dotted red line untill 5krpm's and when people would travel into the dotted red line it would freak them out so on the new ones gm removed the dotted red line but left the shift points the same,in the end that is the only difference that i know of...i have had mine to 4800rpm's but i would't suggest it,it will freak you out:cool:hope this guys can correct me if i was wrong
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