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Test drive them all, and do it a few times. Of course it is a crapshoot since you can't test drive pulling your camper to see how it would really be.

I was a Ram guy. I had an 04.5, 07.5, and 15. The '15 is what irritated me the most with the 3.42 gears (of course they changed that now for '19 again). But after driving all 3 and weighing the pros and cons of each... I decided to go with the Chevy. I was a bit nervous about it, but now I am happy with my decision. Still miss the Cummins sometimes for the sound and ease of working around the engine. But ride comfort and how the Allison shifts underload is sooo much better (at least compared to the 68rfe). Also this L5P chugs great pulling up the hills too, even with me pulling a lot more this year.

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