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Personal preference more than anything. I shopped all three for my first diesel, then I picked my 16 GMC because it was the best balance of interior feel and looks, exterior looks and performance (engine plus transmission) I shopped the top trim level in all three, 16-17 year models, low miles.
In my very humble opinion,
Dodge, Awesome engine. Not so super transmission. Interior pretty nice. Exterior, don't really care for. Feels very big truck like handling and ride.

Ford, Good engine. Good transmission. Interior really really nice. Exterior MEH, too boxy. Again, very big truck ride and handling.

GM Good engine (I do have the CP4 however...) Awesome transmission, Elegant interior and exterior. Rides like a Cadillac. Handles like a 1500. I primarily bought mine for road trips and longevity. I will rarely tow. It feels so much better purring down the interstate doing 80 getting 17MPG than my 1500 getting 9-12MPG.
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