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2001 LB7. Replaced injectors few years back so less than 10k miles on them. Experienced some minor power issues and fault code indicated it needed a new Fuel Pressure Regulator.

Replaced the regulator and in the process I replaced some fuel hoses as well as the injector rail lines since mine had surface rust. Now the truck will not start so I figure I have a fuel leak. No fault codes. A fun little weekend car work has turned to a nightmare.

To rule it out, I replaced the fuel filter and hand pump seals. To rule out a defective fuel pressure regulator, I put the old one back in and still cannot get it to start.

A thought I had, I have been doing all this with the turbo horn off since FPR is underneath it. Would this cause a no start condition???

My next step I think is to put some dye in the fuel filter and see if I can find a leaky rail line. I know of no other fancy tests other than using this as an opportunity to buy a cheap OBD2 monitor (like Edge brand) and use it to measure the fuel rail pressure to see if that is causing the no start. OR pay someone to come out with a fancy scanner.

ON a side note, I did #$%#$ up one of the fuel rail lines when screwing on the injector, it got reverse threaded a bit but it was too late when I realized. I simply cranked the hell out of it so it seems to definitely be snug. I don't think I am getting diesel in the oil which I think would happen if this line was not on good.

Last thing, I have seen a lot of people mention "prime" the hell out of it after replacing fuel lines and what not. I can tell you that when I replaced the injectors, I primed for just a few minutes until I saw fuel out of the bleeder screw and then the truck started right up on the second try. My procedure right now is to pump and pump until fuel comes out, tighten screw, keep pumping until it is tough, I then vent the shrader valve on the fuel rail to get any air out and pump some more. I am able to get it pretty tough to pump but not impossible to keep pumping. I will even pump while someone tries to start the truck.
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