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Wires broken on fuel filter line

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Well I guess Murphy got me I am in the middle of replacing the fuel injectors and removed the fuel filter and housing. The wiring to the fuel heater is intact but there are tow wires -- black and red and a blue one tied into the same harness that have broken off of somewhere. Does a

nyone know where.
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Sorry it is a 2009 GMC duramax Lmm heavily modified.
Thanks for the quick reply -- Yes that is where it goes. I did look there but on second look I see where the wires are broken off flush with the bottom of the plastic insert on the bottom of the filter. So I guess I will pickup a new one even though water should not be an issue because i have just installed the Fass pump and filters (water and dirt) to help protect my new $$$ injectors.
Yes Fass does not have a water sensor but they do claim that water cannot get by water filter -- it will plug and stop fuel flow (and engine). But I will be getting new water sensor irregardless and a couple of spare fass filters
1 - 4 of 9 Posts