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WTT: 26's off my HD for 22's with aggressive tire

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Looking to trade my set of 26" BZO Elites with 305/35/26 tires for 20's or preferebly 22's with an aggressive tire.
You can call or text 318-614-5517 or
e-mail to [email protected]
Im located in south louisiana, but will meet halfway if needed.
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pics? or is the wheels in your avatar?
Yeh, same ones
Can you post some pictures of your truck? I want to see home it looks with that front end on it. Looks pretty good from what I can tell in the avatar.
the escalade front e isnt a direct swap. I didnt think it was, but i called a custom parts retailer, and asked if they had a kit for our trucks. The salesman said yes, so i ordered it. Got it in, and already had my truck tore down. Surprise, nothing fit right. I ended up buying an escalade hood latch, never got my fog lights, has a wierd gap at rear hood/fender, never got the bumper on right, and fender flares must be chopped cut and rebuilt. Never got the headlights to work right with the aftermarket cadi harness.
Street Beat Customs has a very limited tutorial on doing the swap on a 3500.
All in all, i lke it, still gotta rework the fender flares. Think im'll swap to the silverado ss front and rear bumper covers for a little diff look, and maybe the cadi ram air hood. New grille emblem coming too.
I will post some better pics though.
After installing grill, headlights

Horrible hood/fender gap, maybe escalade hood hinges; although i think they are the same

These are after installing final front end pieces and billit grill, before reworking bumper

Notice horrible bumper gap

These pics are after reworking the bumper

thinkin the SS bumpers and cladding would bring it together
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damn if those were 28's Id be all over them like flies to poop
funny!!!! got a swap worked for tomorro morn. trading for 24's with kumho 37's, so deff need a lift now
damn if those were 28's Id be all over them like flies to poop
I'm not even sure what to say to this....but I did want to point out that you did say something...
not sure if its the angles or what....did an awesome job of lining up the front fenders...

but not to bitch or anything but seems the front bumper goes into into the fender well a bit more than the fenders...

maybe its the pics though... but no clean side shot...

those are however some bigass rims...and to trade for a 20-22"...must have got a heller deal on them.
badass front end job, u want my 22's they have falkens tho.
i did a trade yesterday for 24's with 37" kumho's. Lovin 'em, everyone said 8" - 10" lift; but I said no lift! so, rockin with 2" level; and no rub. Although the rear does need 1/4" spacer to be same as front. this is a pic while putting them on, more tomorrow. this one was before putting the center caps on.
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