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I'll go first:D

I have a bunch but heres a few,

Nothing but Trouble
Walk the Line
Pure Country
Ladder 49
8 Seconds

and since it Christmas time, Christmas Story, and Christmas Vacation

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debbie does dalles i know i need :help

I watch very few movies so i really dont have favorites.

I did like the back to the future and fast and the furious ones.

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Oh so many... Heres a start....

Last Man Standing
Bad Boys I and II
I used to love the Die Hard movies
Liar Liar
Thomas Crown Affair (ending is still cool everytime I watch it!)


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Hmmm decisions decisions.....

Down Periscope
The Longest Yard (Sandler)
Scary Movie I - II - III
Bad Boys I - II
Both Ice Ages (shut up)
The Ring 1 & 2



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I second Animal House and Last Man Standing. But would like to add Super Troopers. Just about any Mel Brooks movie along with Fast Times at Ridgemont High. So many movies for so many different reasons...but maybe we should start a thread for each category instead?
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