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F60: not sure exactly what that is now but have a little experience with "upgraded front suspension, RV" or something like that from when I was helping my brother spec / order his 2020, 3500. He ordered the truck with that option against my "feelings" on it. His is a 2020, HC, Crew, LB SRW 3500. VERY nice truck and for the most part rides pretty good, but if you hit the wrong kind of bumps, it'll require a visit to the dentist to fix any dental work jarred loose LOL. He sometimes bitches about it but he tows VERY heavy with it and says it is just insanely stable. Like me, he drove an older Duramax 2500 (2003 purchased new) until he got this truck and he is just so much more confident when towing heavy.

Crew cab and long bed: Probably makes for the most stable towing platform out there along with the 3500 suspension but like Piper One said, it's like driving a bus. I've borrowed it a couple of times over the past 3 years or so when my old turd was broken. Coming out of a 2002, 2500, crew, short bed, that thing is insanely HUGE! The 2020+ models are just sooooo much bigger than the older models.

I don't really have any specific advice for you other than go drive a couple if you can before you order anything. I use my truck as a daily driver, whereas my brother still has his 2003 and a company car AND he lives out in the boonies. There's no way, even though I'd love to have the 8' bed, that I could drive a CC, LB every day. It's gonna be hard to find a CC, LB on a lot these days to test drive. Maybe there's a WT gas model sitting out there somewhere that you can drive. I'd drive it around a bit and try to get in and out of some small parking lots and parking spaces.
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